100% Polypropylene Felt Specification

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100% Polyester Material Needle Punched Felt Features Durable, flexible, easy to deformation, corrosion resistance, insulation, crisp, easy to wash and quick-drying characteristics.industrial filters, decoration, clothing, disposable hygiene products, etc.

  • Material : 100% polypropylene
  • Thickness: 1mm-8mm
  • Gram Weight: 100gsm/m2-2000gsm/m2
  • Width: maximum up to 4m
  • Length: 10m/roll, 20m/roll, or100m/roll 
  • Color: Grey,Black and white
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                                     100% Polypropylene Felt Specification


    Material  100% polypropylene
    Thickness  1mm-8mm
    Gram Weight  100gsm/m2-2000gsm/m2
    Width  maximum up to 4m
    Length  10m/roll, 20m/roll, or100m/roll 
    Color  Grey,Black and white


     needle wool felt (10) needle wool felt (11) needle wool felt (12)

    100% Polypropylene Felt Feature


    Polypropylene Felt has excellent hydrolysis resistance and does not undergo a biohydrolysis reaction

    due to the presence of water or water vapor.

    Good wear resistance can effectively prevent dust from rubbing and generate static electricity


    100% Polypropylene Felt Application


    Used for industrial filters, gift packaging, decoration, clothing, disposable hygiene products,z etc.

    Industrial filters, machine filter, dust bag, liquid filter bag, etc.

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