260c Degree Heat Resistant Industrial Felt Belt

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Our seamless nomex felt belt are mainly used for roller transfer machines. The blankets are made of imported high-temperature aramid fiber. The intermediate endless base cloth are polyester dry fabrics and Kevlar fabrics. The working temperature is up to 260℃.

  • Materials: Nomex
  • Technology : Needled punched
  • Material Feature : Heat Resistant
  • Thickness: 6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm
  • Temperature: 220~260º C
  • Density: 2800~4200G/M2
  • Weight : 2800g/m²-4200g/m²
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     Thermal transfer printing equipment Blanket, also called endless seamless blanket, endless loop blanket tape, is made of 100% nomex fiber, the maximum temperature of 260 degrees Celsius, due to the special process, so there have no joints and it is the real seamless , the surface is more smooth, and has acid, alkali, heat, cold, abrasion, oil, burning resistance, high temperature, flame retardant, heat, non-slip, moisture, anti-static, anti-corrosion and other features.

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    The heat-transfer machine blankets’ temperature resistance is 260℃,it is made of imported raw material,blanket with smooth surface, no wandering, not springing, no burr, long service life and shrinkage rate will be controlled within 2%, this kind of endless felt belt is very suitable for all kinds of brand machine.

    Blanket imported DuPont aramid 1313, the middle fabric for high-performance industrial silk fabric. It can work under 260°C. After the use, the shrinkage of the door width is 3%, the elongation is 3%, the weight is 3300g/m2, the thickness is 8mm, and can also be customized according to customer’s demand. The thickness is 3600g. /m2 is a special blanket for transfer printing of various fabrics, curtain fabrics, and decorative fabrics. Specifications can be customized according to customer needs.

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    Product Advantage

    1.  Misaligned—-Our base cloth is use endless industrial  silk. Testing report showed the misaligned rate is about ±3mm.  enclosed our base cloth for your consideration

    2.  Shrinkage—-The base cloth can control the shrinkage rate in 2.5%–3%.

    3.  Material—100% Nomex

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    Package: plastic bag+carton

    Delivery: Express company & by air & by sea or as your demands

    Some of commonly used size for your reference:

    The perimeter(MM) ———————— Width(MM) ———————— Thickness(MM)

    1320  ———————————-  1215  ———————————-  8

    3140  ———————————-  1960  ———————————-  8

    2240  ———————————-  1700  ———————————-  8

     If you have other demands about the size, kindly let me know, we accept the customization.

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    Product Advantage


    1. Selection Of Brand Raw Material,Common Specifications Have Temperature 160-180℃ And 220-260℃. 

    2. The Felt Belt Contains Heat Shrinkable Fiber Material Inside,The Felt Will Automatically Shrink After Heating,Wrapped Tightly.

    3. The Belt Surface Formation,Uniform Density,Good Resistance,Long Work Life.


    Package: plastic bag+carton

    Delivery: Express company & by air & by sea or as your demands

     Contact us to get the quotation details.

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