Antistatic Blue Polyester Mesh Screen

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Professional unique design and weaving from Polyester fiber & bronze wires, mainly used for MDF board and fiberboard process industry, chemical fiber and drying for papers ect. Act the continous press filter belt of forming press and other application with antistatic requirement.

  • Materail: Polyester
  • Seam: Endless
  • Color: White,Blue,
  • Used: Paper Making
  • MOQ: 1PC
  • Payment Term: TT,LC
  • Shipping: By Sea,By Vessel
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                           Antistatic Blue Polyester Mesh Screen


    The material of the antistatic belt is carbon filament or brass wire, now carbon filament is widely used as conductive in polyester mesh belt.

    Antistatic principle: The equipment using polyester mesh will generate static electricity when running at high speed. Electrostatic fibers can be discharged through the polyester mesh to release static electricity, thus exerting antistatic effect.



    Antistatic Polyester Mesh Conveyor Belt is mainly used in chemical fiber, dry papermaking, fiberboard continuous press belt, contonuous pre-press belt and materials need conductive, enviormental protection, high density board production, rubber, chemical industry antistatic industry.




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