Colorful 100% Acrylic Felt Fabric 80gsm-700gsm

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100% Polyester Material Needle Punched Felt Features Durable, flexible, easy to deformation, corrosion resistance, insulation, crisp, easy to wash and quick-drying characteristics.

  • Material : 100% acrylic
  • Thickness: 1mm-4mm
  • Gram Weight: 80gsm-700gsm
  • Width: wthin 4m
  • Length: do as your demand
  • Color: as the Pantone card
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                                                          Colorful 100% Acrylic Felt Fabric 80gsm-700gsm Gram With 4m Width


    Acrylic felt Specification

    Polyester Felt (1) Polyester Felt (3)

    Material  100% acrylic
    Thickness  1mm-4mm
    Gram Weight  80gsm-700gsm
    Width  within 4m
    Length  do as your demand
    Color  as the Pantone card

    Acrylic felt Introduction

    The acrylic felt is formed by wet spinning or dry spinning from a homopolyacrylonitrile fiber or a copolyacrylonitrile fiber. Acrylic felt cloth generally used in civilian applications is a polyacrylonitrile fiber

    Acrylic felt Application

    Acrylic felt is Mainly used in clothes, , all kinds of bags,shoes, gift packaging, interior decoration, electrical appliances, textiles, rail transit, rolling stock, shipbuilding, military products, aerospace, energy and power, wire and cable, mining machinery, construction industry.

    mixture wool polyester felt (3) needle wool felt (1) needle wool felt (14)


    Machinery, military industry, metallurgy, mining, forestry, textile, mechanical and electrical, communications,

    instrumentation, transportation, aviation, steamship, machinery, electronics, home appliance, mechanical and
    electrical, hardware, furniture, rubber products industry, clothing, luggage, handicrafts, DIY crafts, etc.
    It can also used as washers,gaskets,dust shields,wipers,sports equipment



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